PHP training program

PHP training program

Rainend is offering limited seats for PHP training program.

Who We Are?

Rainend is a web design and development company handling UK, US and other foreign clients and we focused on delivering real and lasting business benefits for clients. Our services best suit organizations that place a premium on quality and help them be the best in their fields. We build complex and functional websites based on client requirements. Our consultative approach and adeptness in using innovative technologies towards our solutions enables our clients to gain a competitive edge over others.

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Why our syllabus is different?

You can see lots of PHP coaching centres in your city. There you can learn basics about PHP and related topics. After completing that course you may know what is PHP, but you don’t know how to use PHP in real web development industry. But here we are trying to fill the gap between theory and the practical knowledge or you can directly enter to the practical atmosphere.

To whom we are focusing?

1. You must need a computer background like Diploma in CS, Bsc CS, BCA, MCA, B-Tech(CS, IT) or other.
2. Good knowledge in C, C++ or Java and basic knowledge in PHP.
3. Good knowledge in Database, SQL, Object Oriented Programming.
4. Knowledge about web sites, web applications, search engines, OS.
5. Must be a self learner.

What will be the main benefits you will get from our syllabus?

  • You will get an opportunity to work on real time projects.
  • Interaction with Industry Experts.
  • Small batches to focus on each student.
  • We mainly focus on practical classes rather than theoretical classrooms.
  • You will get chance to learn/work under a web programmer or team leader
  • You will get chance to involve in live project.
  • Experience certificate (Once you completed the 5th project).

Selection Procedure:
Based on interview and preliminary test.

Total Duration: 3 Months (+1 Optional month)

What all projects you will handle?

1st Month:
1. Simple contact form, Get a quote form etc (You will learn how to use PHP)
2. School-Student Management website. (You will learn basics about PHP)

2nd Month:
3. CMS website (You will replicate a complete content management website. Other functionality included: FAQ, Testimonial etc)
4. Job site (You will replicate a dynamic job portal with employer and candidate functionality with payment gateway functionality)

3rd Month:
5. Real estate website (You will replicate a dynamic real estate portal. Other functionality included: Image gallery, CMS pages, dynamic PDF brochure, Google/Bing Map API integration etc)

4th Month: (Optional)
6. Shopping cart website (You will replicate a dynamic shopping cart website. Functionality included: Product management, Shopping cart, Payment gateway integration, invoice generation, image processing etc)

Time: 4 hrs per day (Monday to Friday)


  • 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
  • 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM

No. of seats in a batch: 4

For the fee and other admission related details, please contact us:
Mobile: 9656220310


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