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Sep 20 2017

Best web design practices for eCommerce websites.


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We can’t catch the eye of customer with loud and flashy website. For that we need to have a design theme that speaks to your brand values, and gives a sense of trust, reliability, and professionalism.That means you don’t just need to have a website; instead, you need to have a website that sells.

You need to assure smooth navigation and a very user-friendly experience to the consumers of your e-commerce website. But is it just about navigation and user-friendly experience? Definitely, no! Let’s discuss more on what actually are the best web design practices!


Web Design Best Practices.

Web designer should offer smooth and seamless shopping experience to the users and deliver quick, easy steps for purchasing and payment to achieve the business goals.
You don’t just need to have a website; instead, you need to have a website that sells!

Here are some web design best practices for your e-commerce website:


1) Make your web design structure easy and simple

By keeping your web design structure simple and uncomplicated, you can attract plenty of users to surf through your site and engage in seamless shopping. The whole layout and navigation to pages needs to be uninterrupted.

2) Keep call-to-action buttons and concise sign-up forms in your website

You need to make call-to-action buttons stand out in your website. These call-to-action buttons need to grab the attention of the users at once.

The sign-up forms that you add to your website should be designed as a short and concise form where the user only needs to enter the e-mail id, contact number and set a password.

3) Integrate breadcrumb navigation to your website

The user should be able to view all the pages that are needed to be navigated for the entire payment process for any purchase.

If breadcrumb navigation is not designed by the web designer, the user fails to know how many pages are left for the payment process and might ditch the thought of purchasing any product from your website in the mid-way.

4) Add unique content to your site based on time and seasonal trends

It is highly recommended to add unique and engaging content for the products available on your website highlighting their utility. Make it engaging by providing proper descriptions of the product and by inserting keywords.

5) Make use of browsing history

You should make use of the browsing history for better individualization. The e-commerce website should be designed in a way where the user can use the browsing history for viewing a range of related products.

6) Avail ‘material’ design or ‘flat’ design

Both of these designs are very user-friendly and easily comprehensible. So the web designer can highlight the primary part of the design which entails in the products and then proceed with the designing of the other factors like branding, navigation and other such elements.

7) The website should be fast enough

If the speed of your website falls, the sale and revenue generation of your e-commerce website also drops simultaneously.

It is highly recommended to craft web design that is well-optimized with high-quality videos and images such that they are not consuming too much bandwidth and that the website’s speed is not compromised.


Designing a flawless e-commerce store that converts and sells is no child’s play. You need to be an expert and professional in the field, and this is when e-commerce web development services come in the picture to raise the sales of your website.


To end it up, it is not only about beauty and looks of your website; it is more about conversions and sale. It would be like an icing upon cake if you can hold both things together, but if not, conversions should not be compromised for the beauty!

 Like we already said, it is all about the requirements and your business needs. 
 Want to build eCommerce website?

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